Fertilizer/Weed Control


Fertilizer/Weed Control


Deep root fertilization is preferred and the most effective method for fertilizing trees and shrubs. Through this process a liquid time-released fertilizer is pressure injected into the roots.
Well-nourished plants have better resistance to disease and insect attack. Deep root fertilizing can help keep your plants healthier, promoting the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property. When you drop fertilizer on top of your lawn the grass receives most of the benefits, that is why it is so important to feed your trees and shrubs with a deep root fertilizer treatment. Enjoy the benefits of having us treat your trees and shrubs: Bypasses elements that keep your plants from being nourished, promotes deep root growth and prevents shallow roots, increases sturdiness of plants, puts water and nutrients where plants need them most, perfect for plants with delicate blossoms or petals, injected into the ground which keeps fertilizer away from pets and children, promotes tree growth to provide more shade, and increases blooms and frequency of blooming periods.


The secret to having a green lawn lies in providing sufficient nutrients and having an effective fertilizer program. Our rigorous 6-step fertilization program consists of: Balanced feeding of granular fertilizer, granular fertilizer fortified with iron, custom formulated fertilizer to keep your lawn green and healthy during hot summer months, insect control, granular fertilizer with extra nitrogen and potash for rich, green fall color with extra vigor, lastly we do a special feeding to promote winter root growth and encourage a vibrant, green lawn for the spring. Some of the many benefits of fertilizing your lawn consist of: Promoting consistent green color, foliage growth to fill in bare spots, develops strong roots, improves the overall health of the lawn, and prevents pesky weeds.